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The story started on November when we took an English course together. We are from the same continent, Latin America, but we have different backgrounds. The first impressions were not the best ones; after minutes of just have introduced ourselves we immediately decided to do not stick together. How could you dare to think that an extrovert could get on with an introvert, but that happened and we share with you this hate-love experience.

The beginning:

Everything started with the odyssey to find a house. We were so desperate to find a place to live, that even when we didn’t like too much each other, we decided to join forces to be succeeded on the student Irish dream. Each day we created a chart, then call the landlord and at the end visit the properties. We spent a lot of time together walking on the street, dealing with the tenants and eating fast food. Those walks were the scenario for both to share our personal life and struggles.

Fighting like cats and dogs:

And it is true; one of us is more reserved, antisocial, a lover of herself who enjoy staying at home, going to museums and that avoid humans, like a cat. And the other is all joy, hyper, bubbly, an outgoing who enjoys outsides, a magnet that attracts people, like a dog. Where those differences, the ones that make the things hard and make us to discuss about every silly thing. We were confronting ourselves, trying to drift apart, but at the same time maybe we felt alone, or maybe it was the fear of do not find another person who will support our crazy and weird temperament.

Everything is about love, sister:

We remember that once after an intense fight we started to talk and we realized that against all the odds we had something to learn about each other, at the end we were in a friendship that most of you would like to have: we share more than one bunk bed; we share fears, dreams, clothes and tears. Today we shared this new life that started in that raining and cold November.

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