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Dublin is a big city full of establishments with a lot of different opportunities, the bad thing is that managers take a lot of time choosing the right candidate. It is obvious that each company wants to spend their time and money in the best worker, for that reason, we have some recommendations we have collected from people´s experiences and also some suggestions from EPIC (Employment for People from Immigrant Communities) .

One page:
In general employers spend 15 seconds looking at your CV before deciding whether or not you are suitable for the position. It is better if you present yourself in one or maximum two pages

No photo or nationality:
This was an advice from my teachers. If you put a photo they can discard your CV just because you do not look Irish; this is not about racism, it is because they have to give priority to Irish people.

Clear points:
•Try to avoid irrelevant information, as I said recruitments have to review a lot of CV´s so if yours is not easy to understand it will go for sure to the wrong pile.

•Tailor your CV to match the role that you are applying for, do not send a general CV to apply for different jobs.

It is well known that an easy and simple template is the best one, but sometimes we can play with the design and to stick out of the common.
•Ensure your information at the top of the page and your name visible highlighted by large type size.

•Leave lots of white space, margins and spacing will keep the page from looking too crowded, readability is as important as content.

•Do not use paragraph; use bullets to enhance reading ease.

•Almost 90% of CV´s have spelling or grammar mistakes. Make sure your document is proof read.

•Translate all the details into English, i.e.: Universidad de Barcelona to University of Barcelona.

•Use positive language like: Highly skilled in, excellent level of, which helped to develop and enhance my communication skills, competent with… good at…, skilled in…

•Use sentences with action verbs: Organized, arranged and developed

Show what you can contribute with:
•Go further than just show off your attitudes. Try to give a plus saying in a concisely way what you can contribute with.

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