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Ireland is an expensive country; if you are here you know that, if you are planning to come here now you know. Between the rent and the food I have had small amount of money to give me some pleasures. Thank to my good luck, God or my nice smile 🙂 I had found people that show me how to survive without too much money, so lets share the wisdom of these LOVELY creatures.

Find a place near to City Center:
It is the dreamed utopia, the Promised Land, the pink unicorn but not impossible. Of course you will need to sacrifice some comfort and maybe taking a shower will be a luxury for you, like in my case. I am paying around E270 for a warm, cozy and near place from the city, but the price is to share my room with 3 girls more and five people more in the house and yes! just one toilet. But at least I am not spending on transportation.

Do not eat on the street:
McDonald’s is one of the cheapest places to eat, but you can save you money buying things at the market and cooking. I did not how to cook, but I had to learn here. I used to spend 7 euros in 1 meal ¿sounds cheap isn´t it? Well, with that money you can buy groceries for 3 days.

Check the prices at the local markets:
I have said once and I will say it again “Do not eat on the street”, it will ruined your life like it ruined mine. Its better if you try to cook for yourself, you will not die intoxicate, I sure it. What I do is to take one day at week to do the shopping in different stores. Lidl, Aldi and TESCO are the most popular ones; also you can buy cheap and fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market or on the streets.

Enjoy your weekends without spend on attractions:
There area A LOT OF free places that will take your breath away and the best thing is that those are for FREE.

Make friends and contacts:
This is the best advice, having people around you it´s the best way to get to know the city and the shortcuts about the way of living here. Also, when people is leaving they can not take all their belongings with them; that´s the moment to ask for that cozy and warm blanket or those groceries on the fridge.